Immersive storyline

You will be in an environment full of secrets and conspiracies. Each decision affects the world around you. Each decision affects the world around you.

An alive world

Social networks, news, an infinite number of computers and servers to access, etc. +2500 persons in an alive world.

Online Multiplayer Invasion

Hack your friends' games, steal files and make a name for yourself. Do not forget to protect yourself.



The year of 2089.
All information is online. All money is online.
You are a hacker! Make money working for huge corporations. Break into systems, launder money, steal files, delete evidence, create the biggest cyberattack in history or protect the world. The decision is in your hands!
With a storyline shrouded in secrets and conspiracies, you must choose between working for a group of cyberterrorists or protect the world on the International Intelligence Agency.
An open world, full of possibilities, is waiting for you.

You will find:

  • An infinite number of computers and servers to break into and created from procedural programming.
  • Minor quests also created from procedural programming.
  • 1500 Side missions;
  • An immersive storyline shrouded in secrets and conspiracies;
  • Many devices that can be hacked. (Computers, servers, smartphones, satellites, robots and much more...);
  • Online Multiplayer Invasion;
  • Physical hacking quests. Gather a group and guide them through offices and data centers for physical hacking of servers;
  • Karma system: where each decision affects the player and the world around him/her.;
  • Dynamic soundtrack. Each player's action affects the soundtrack for greater immersion.
  • Dozens of Easter eggs.
  • Stock Exchange;
  • Software Upgrade;
  • Hardware Upgrade;
  • Steam Achievements;
  • Steam Cards;
  • Steam Cloud Save;
  • Steam Workshop(mods!!!);

Are you ready?